Policy of privacy


Among a series of values prioritized by the Administrator of Wareh.com sp. Z o.o. (hereinafter the Portal), the strongest emphasis is placed on ensuring safety and satisfaction to the Users.

The key to success are steps taken by the Administrator to provide the Users with safe use of Services offered by Trans.eu Group SA within operation of the Platform: Wareh.com, available at www.wareh.com. The Administrator gives best effort to ensure proper protection of personal data shared by the Users.

Statement of privacy

This document governs the policy used by Wareh.com sp. z o.o. with its office in Wysoka (52-200) at ul. Chabrowa 4, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, VI Commercial Division of the Naitional Court Register under KRS no. 0000773653, contact info@wareh.com (hereinafter Administrator) in respect of personal data of Users and information being the business secret of Users.

This Policy applies to the Services offered by the Administrator via www.wareh.com. It does not apply to any websites or services of third parties to which access can be obtained by hyperlinks included on the said websites.


The Administrator uses the so-called cookies to track Users' visits, save their preferences and adapt to the offered Services. The said files are also used to develop general statistics regarding use by the Users. As disabling cookies can be done in a web browser, the use of the Services will not be blocked but there may be some difficulties.

Google Analytics data

Traffic on Administrator's websites is monitored by the Google Analytics which aim is to collect data on the way of using websites and their popularity. This data (such as browser used and IP address) will never be shared by the Administrator to any third parties.

Collected data

In order to be able to use the Services offered by the Administrator, user needs to register an Account via the form available at www.wareh.com. During the registration, provide e-mail, name, surname, business name, phone no., address. The data is also collected passively by the website (such as IP, resolution, location, type of browser). Providing personal data is voluntary but necessary to conclude and perform service contracts and to contact the Administrator.

Use of data Contact information will be used only for the purpose of:

performance of the contract concluded between the User and the Administrator based on art. 6 par. 1 b) of GDPR;

giving answer to a question/complaint being a legally justified administrator's interest pursuant to art. 6 par. 1 f) of GDPR;

sending Administrator's informational newsletter regarding changes in software, Terms of Service, etc. being a legally justified administrator's interest pursuant to art. 6 par. 1 f) of GDPR;

providing information regarding Services, if the User expresses interest based on art. 6 par. 1 a) of GDPR.

The Administrator may use collected personal data also to send the User, by its consent, the information on current and future products and services offered.

The information will be sent electronically as informational or promotional campaign. The User may cancel receiving such information by sending a message to info@wareh.com (withdrawal of consent to receive commercial information). In respect of personal data, withdrawing consent can be done at any time but it will not affect processing of personal data before withdrawal. Upon withdrawal of the consent to receive commercial information, the User may still receive messages within informational newsletter, regarding changes in the software, Terms of Service, etc.

Recipients of personal data

Recipients of personal data The Administrator advises that recipients of personal data may be companies from Trans.eu capital group as well as any subcontractors to assure technical facilities for performance of services, such as IT suppliers, entities in charge of the service and online payments. The Administrator maintains due care when sending data, and uses the means and protections that prevent any access by unauthorized persons (such as SSL, encrypted connections).

Without the User's consent, personal data will not be shared with any third parties except for the circumstances in which this is done as a result of a legally justified demand of auhtorized body (such as enforcement authorities or administration of justice).

Sending data outside the European Community

Personal data is not sent to any third countries (countries outside the European Commercial Area).

Rights of concerned person

The User may access its personal data, correct it, update, object against processing based on a legally justified interest, remove data, limit processing thereof and the right to transfer data. Upon validating the User's identity, the Administrator will execute said rights based on legal regulations. The Administrator will make any justified effort to satisfy Users' demands regarding personal data unless the data must be kept due to the applicable law or any other legally justified interest of the Administrator. The Administrator allows for correcting most personal data by the User on its own by editing the Account.

Time of storing data

Personal data will be processed and kept by the Administrator for the time needed to perform the contract between the User and the Administrator. To the extent the data is processed based on a consent - we will continue to process it until the consent is withdrawn. Personal data processed based on a legally justified interest will be processed until an objection is made. Moreover, data will no longer be processed if it is not necessary for the purpose of its collection.


In order to ensure safety, the Administrator:

enables account access only upon providing e-mail and password (it is advised to set passwords composed of at least 8 characters, including capital and small letters, special characters and digits), which the User should keep only for its reference or via integration with the User's account operated within one of selected social media portals,

controls methods of collection, storage and processing of information, including means of safety to protect against unauthorized access to the system,

provides access to personal data to only those employees, contractors and representatives that must access it to process it for the Administrator; and they are required to keep strict confidence and in case of failure to fulfil the obligations, these persons may bear the consequences, including termination of co-operation.

Statement regarding Policy of Privacy

The Administrator reserves the right to change the Policy of Privacy should this be necessary due to the modification to the Policy or company management, law or jurisdiction. Changes will apply from the day of being published on www.wareh.com with the date stating when these are effective.

Contact data

In case of questions or remarks regarding the Policy of Privacy, please contact the Administrator: Wareh.com sp. z o.o. with its office in Wysoka (52-200) at ul. Chabrowa 4, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, VI Commercial Division of the Naitional Court Register under KRS no. 0000773653, contact info@wareh.com

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