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1. What is WAREH.COM? is a warehousing platform, where you can quickly find and book the safest warehouse in any country of the European Union.
If you’re looking for a replacement or buffer storage space for short- or long-term leases, is for you.
When you book a warehouse through, you get:
- instant searching and booking of warehouse space,
- safety of goods,
- no long-term obligations,
- paying only for space used,
- free access to,
- fast transactions at the click of a button
Offering your warehouse on, you get:
- free advertisement of storage space availability,
- the possibility of short-term and long-term leases at your warehouse,
- guarantee of timely payments,
- management of your warehouse space in a quick and easy way,
- the ability to show clients your certification and insurance,
- optimization of work through:
• the possibility of defining time windows,
• the possibility of defining the advice note,
• offering of additional services.
In addition, the sides of the transaction are protected by a contract, accepted at the time of the transaction. More on this topic in the regulations.
2. How much does the service cost?
Access to is completely free. By registering, you get the opportunity to conclude transactions with the safest warehouses from any country of the European Union, as well as to add rental offers of your warehouse space.
3. At what point do we consider a reservation to have been made?
The moment of booking is equivalent to the moment of paying for the transaction. Until the reservation is paid for, it is not accepted and the transaction is not completed. At the same time, the moment of payment of the transaction means acceptance of the storage conditions of the goods published in the given offer by the warehouse and conclusion of a contract between you and the warehouse. More on this topic in the regulations.
4. Can I cancel my reservation?
You can cancel your reservation up to one calendar day before the date of the service and for this reason you will only be charged a service fee equal to 2% of the transaction amount. However, after exceeding this time (i.e. one calendar day before the service is provided), the paid money is transferred to the warehouse account as if the service had been performed.
5. Who sets the price for renting storage space?
Each warehouse sets its own individual prices. The unit of measure is the pallet space. The warehouse determines the price for pallet space per day and for handling (loading and unloading from the warehouse), differentiating the price depending on the length of the lease period chosen by the customer.
6. In what currency can I pay for my reservation?
You can pay in currencies: PLN, EUR, CZK, GBP, HUF, RON, DKK, SEK, BGN i HRK.
7. How do I know my goods will be safe in the warehouse?
All warehouses with which transactions on are possible have passed our authorization process and in this process we checked:
All warehouses with which transactions on are possible have passed our authorization process and in this process we checked:
- whether a company really exists and since when,
- if the warehouse has insurance,
- what kind of warehouse certificates it has.
8. Can I book a warehouse a few months in advance?
Yes, you can make an earlier booking, but you will have to pay a fee for it in advance.
9. Who's issuing the invoice to whom?
An invoice for the rent of warehouse space for the paid amount is given to the client by the warehouse after the service, for the full amount of the reservation. The invoice for the warehouse for the booking of warehouse space is provided by in the middle or at the end of the month to which the reservation refers. The invoice has the status - paid and is a confirmation of the commission payable to

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