Even the coronavirus didn’t stop us. Poles buy more and more from China
July 20, 2020

Do you think that the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown caused a decrease in the number of shipments reaching Poland from China? Nothing could be more wrong! Until the second quarter of 2020, the number of shipments from China to Poland increased. The reason is, among others, the sympathy of Poles for the Asian sales platform AliExpress, which is opening up to Poland. Will new cooperation opportunities help Poland become a logistics hub of Europe?

Despite the difficult situation related to the coronavirus in China in February this year, which resulted in a sudden drop in shipments from that region to Poland, the following months brought increases due to lockdown and the resulting changes in consumer behavior. Shopping began to be made online instead of in stationary stores. One of the companies that has felt these increases is AliExpress, a sales platform adored by Poles. The number of orders placed on AliExpress by Polish users has increased. – says Gary Topp, Senior Operation Manager at AliExpress

AliExpress Propolish

The restrictions and closed borders made the organization of efficient logistics and delivery of goods a real challenge. However, the company was prepared for it even before the crisis. In addition to cooperation with Poczta Polska S.A., AliExpress started cooperation with InPost. Even before the pandemic, parcel locker services were very popular due to the flexibility and modernity of this solution. During the crisis caused by the coronavirus, they became even more important, ensuring the security of deliveries to customers. No wonder that thanks to the cooperation of both companies, the number of goods sold increased. As Gary Topp says, – Currently, AliExpress is seeing more than 100% increase in sales of selected goods labeled with the fast delivery label. Thanks to this service, packages are delivered to customers within 3 or 7 days! In addition, the company made it possible to pay with Blik for purchases on its website.

However, this is not the end of the amenities offered to Poles by the Asian sales platform. AliExpress wants to enable Poles to sell on its platform. When? It is not known yet, but recently such an opportunity was given to companies from Russia and Turkey, and earlier from other European countries.

The company believes that this will open up many opportunities for us. Selling on Aliexpress will enable Poles to reach recipients not only in Poland, but all over the world – in Europe, Asia and America. – adds Gary Topp. This will certainly create conditions for launching new supply chains or their redefinition. Poles have been buying on AliExpress for a long time. The only disincentive may have been the one-month delivery time. However, this situation began to change, and goods were delivered to recipients much faster, mainly due to their location in warehouses located all over Europe.

Poland as the logistics hub of Europe?

This trend is following the pandemic’s changing perceptions of logistics. For entrepreneurs, it ceased to be only a cost and began to be perceived as an element of competitive advantage. Moving your goods closer to recipients guarantees faster order fulfillment and smooth supply chains. Thus, it provides companies with greater flexibility and the ability to react to the changing market situation. If Asian goods are willingly placed in warehouses in Poland, which is located in the center of Europe and is relatively inexpensive compared to Western European countries, Poland has a chance to become a logistics hub in Europe.

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