Warehouse space for rent- how much does it cost and what affects the prices?

May 20, 2021

Do you run your own online shop and need a warehouse to store your goods? Wondering how much it will cost you? It all depends on the size of the space, the length of the rental, the service you will need and the location.

What makes storage prices different?

Whether you are looking for a warehouse for rent with or without service, its price will depend on several factors:

  • The geographic location of the warehouse affects the monthly rental amount, even if the services provided are the same in both locations.
  • The size of the warehouse, the equipment and whether it is heated or not. 
  • Periods of access during which the warehouse can be used. Sometimes it is necessary to observe opening hours, while in other places there are no such restrictions at all and the warehouses are open 24 hours a day.
  • The security features that a warehouse has can include fire detectors, surveillance cameras, and even an individual alarm system.
  • The length of storage has a significant impact on the price of renting storage space. The longer the cooperation, the lower the storage costs are.

Other costs

  • Insurance – in some places, you will be able to use the policy that the warehouse has and this will already be included in the rental price. However, some warehouses will recommend an add-on to your insurance policy. Either way, you will need to insure your warehouse and/or goods.
  • If you are interested in halls for rent, you need to take into account the costs of adapting the space to your business.
  • The rental price for a hall often does not include bills for electricity, heating, water, etc., and in the case of a serviced warehouse you have to add costs for unloading and loading the goods.

Warehouse with or without handling – price differences

Depending on whether you plan to rent a warehouse with services, a warehouse hall, or are looking for a logistics partner to take care of your goods from start to finish, pricing and quoting will vary. You can decide to rent warehouse space and pay per square meter. Then the cost of storage will be fairly constant, and the only variables will be the prices for handling the goods. This is great for companies that store large amounts of freight and can guarantee that the warehouse is constantly stocked. 

For smaller businesses and online shops, renting pallet spaces is a much more cost-effective option, because then you only pay for the space actually occupied. How much a pallet place in a warehouse costs depends on the size of the pallet, the location of the warehouse, and most importantly, the amount of additional services that the logistics partner will perform for you. However, the prices for a full pallet range from PLN 0.80 to PLN 2.5 without tax.

Renting warehouse space – price vs. location

Generally speaking, the closer you are to a city, the higher the warehouse costs go. There are a few locations in Poland that are more expensive than others, and these are cities like Kraków, Łódź and Gdańsk. Additionally, the location of the warehouse also affects the price. If you plan to rent space from a developer, in a logistics center with great infrastructure, the price per square meter may be higher than for a hall for rent from a private owner. To sum up, prices for renting one square metre vary from PLN 14 to even PLN 30 without tax, and their final cost depends on the location and class of the warehouse.

If you are planning to rent a warehouse and would like to find the cheapest deals, you can do it through platform. It is a tender platform that gives you the opportunity to gather and compare offers from warehouses in the location you are interested in.


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