Looking for a warehouse? See step by step how works
September 14, 2020

Register or log in using your Trans ID.

Select the location you are interested in and set the radius to the distance you want to search within.

Specify when and how many pallets you want to store. Then, start the search. You will see a list of warehouses that meet your criteria and the price for pallet spaces and goods handling. The system will tell you which offer best meets your needs.

Click on the profile of a warehouse to see more information about the terms for storing goods. Here you will also find information about warehouse open hours, conditions of advice note, time windows, insurance, and any additional services provided by the warehouse.

Finally, specify information about your goods, and go to payment.

To complete a reservation, make a payment.

In just a couple of minutes you have booked a warehouse space with The warehouse is automatically notified and is expecting you. You may even contact them via

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