Load distribution on the semi-trailer, container or pallet- try software that saves time and money

June 10, 2021

The transport sector is developing extremely quickly and warehouse or transport management software is used in many companies. This allows for greater automation and acceleration of logistics processes. One of the solutions is Goodloading, a load planning application.

The application is used worldwide in warehouses, forwarding and transport companies as well as by manufacturers. Goodloading helps you arrange loads in any space, considering the loading sequence or payload capacity. What is more, the application is available within the web browser, so it does not require installation, whereas the use of particular functions is very intuitive.

Load planning in Goodloading – step by step

Work in the application starts with the selection of a cargo space, which can be a vehicle, container or pallet. Those most commonly used in transport are available in the default list. The user of the PRO version can add dimensions to their own spaces and save them in the list. When you plan loading, it is possible to select several trucks/containers/pallets at the same time into which the load added in the next step will be distributed. 

Adding loads works in the same way as adding a cargo space. You can select them from the list or enter their dimensions yourself. Adding a group of loads is also possible from a csv file (Excel-like software) where the user can provide multiple items of goods at one time. The added loads are visible in the 3D visualisation and can be manually adjusted.

Goodloading as a software for distributing loads in any space also provides information about loading such as – number of loaded and unloaded goods, total weight of goods, free space in m2, as well as free and used volume. The application includes an LDM calculator, indicating occupied and free loading metres.

The prepared loading project can be sent to the driver or warehouse staff responsible for loading. The project is sent in the form of a PDF, which contains the visualisation, the list of loads and the loading sequence. It is also possible to send a link to the project, which can be opened with your mobile. You do not need an account in the application to view the project. When you click on the link, you will see the visualisation with an animation of the loading sequence, as well as the list of added loads.

What are the benefits of using Goodloading?

Stacking pallets on the trailer, pallet or container is much faster with the application than with traditional planning. A skilled planner can quickly draw up a project on a piece of paper if the load is, for example, of euro pallet dimensions. The challenge arises in the case of many different-sized loads. 

Sending the finished project to the person responsible for loading minimises errors and reduces the time needed for the proper distribution of loads on the trailer or in the container.

By working with Goodloading, it is possible to generate greater savings – thanks to the reduction of time spent on planning and loading. The visibility of information about free space allows you to plan the partial load.

Integration of the load planner with TMS, WMS and ERP systems

The Goodloading functionality can be integrated into WMS, TMS and ERP systems. Thus, all necessary functions for load planning can appear in one place. In addition to the calculations, the system user has access to a link to preview the finished project. A test key for the integration can be obtained for free for one month.

The application developers are making the PRO version available for as little as PLN 8 during the 7-day trial period. Are you interested? Learn more.

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