Goodloading- load planning application- how will it perform in the warehouse?

April 26, 2021

The popularity of advanced management information systems is growing. More and more solutions are appearing and warehouses are choosing those which fit their business profile. Simple tools that can support one of the warehouse processes are also available on the market. An example of such a tool is Goodloading, which helps to plan the arrangement of goods on various means of transport.

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is the most commonly used system in warehouses, primarily for general warehouse management, providing functions such as monitoring of inventory levels, handling deliveries and shipments, as well as controlling the flow of goods. Not all warehouses need such advanced software and IT support is required at one stage only. Others, on the other hand, may notice deficiencies in the system they use, hence the decision to use an additional tool. If your warehouse is facing such dilemmas, it’s worth considering the use of a load planning application.

In case of loads of the same dimensions, stacking them on a truck or container is not a challenge. The problem arises when there are many loads, and in addition they have different dimensions, then efficient loading can be problematic even for a very experienced worker. This is where the Goodloading application comes in, helping to distribute goods on the truck.

Goodloading is a simple application for load planning

Goodloading is a load planning application that allows you to optimally distribute loads on any surface. In the warehouse, the application can be useful when picking or loading goods on a trailer or into a container. The arrangement of loads is shown in the visualization and can be manually adjusted by the user. 

The application is easy to use, you just select the appropriate cargo space – trailer, container, pallet or other type – and then add the loads. The option of importing data from a csv file allows a large number of loads to be added to the application from Excel. In addition to the visualization, there is also a project summary showing such data as: weight and number of loaded goods, amount of goods that did not fit into the space, as well as free space in m2, loading volume, free and occupied LDMs. The user can manage loads, spaces and projects in his account, thus customizing the application to his needs.

The completed loading project can be sent to the warehouse as a PDF file, with the loading sequence visible, or as a link to the prepared project. The person responsible for loading can, without having to register, see a visualisation of the project together with an animation of the loading, which will further improve the whole process. The application runs in your browser, so it doesn’t need to be installed, all you need is a device with Internet access. 

See a sample project prepared in Goodloading >>

API Goodloading – integration with WMS system

In addition to the application available in the browser, the Goodloading manufacturers offer an API which allows the integration of the planner functionality with the WMS system. The user gets access to the calculations of the load planning algorithm in his warehouse management tool. Each completed project has a link to its visualization in the browser, and the user can also download the loading plan as a PDF file. The solution makes it possible to share every project generated in Goodloading with the people responsible for loading.

How can you try Goodloading?

  1. First, you can test the free version of Goodloading, in which you cannot add your own dimensions of space and loads. Still, testing the available functionality will let you find out if the application is intuitive for you and if it meets your requirements. Registration is free and once your account is created, you will have unlimited access to the demo version.
  2. The unlimited version (Goodloading PRO) can be tested for 7 days for 8 PLN. Purchases can be made from the price list, which is visible in the application after logging in.
  3. You can subscribe for a longer period, with a choice of monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions.
  4. If you are interested in API Goodloading, fill in the form and the Goodloading team will contact you with further details.

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