Corporate Accounts- find out more about the newest service of the platform

October 21, 2020

Corporate Accounts is a new service of the platform, where the client can manage company reservations in one place. One panel for all employees. Where they all make reservations and the company is accounted for once a month.

Explore new possibilities

The Corporate account allows you to manage all your company reservations in one panel. Reservation of warehouse space is made with a delayed payment date. The company will receive one collective invoice for bookings made in a given month, therefore, there is no need to contact the accounting office every time to pay for your reservations. The person managing the corporate account, the so-called Manager, sets monthly limits for reservations made by the company’s employees, and when this limit is exceeded, it is still possible, of course, to make reservations on the platform, but with a different payment method or by increasing the monthly limit by the Manager.

For whom?

Corporate Account service has been created for freight forwarding, especially large freight forwardings with more than 30 employees. Those companies that perform at least up to 5 thousand cargoes per month, which much more often need sudden reservations of storage space or ad hock reloading.

How does it work?

In order to gain access to the Corporate Account, the User running a business activity chooses „Corporate Account” tab in his Profile and fills in the form available on the platform. After passing a positive verification, the consultants respond to the application to arrange the details. The process itself is short and efficient – you can enjoy a Corporate Account from 5 EUR per month. 

Explore new benefits

Thanks to the Corporate Account, using the platform is easier and the reservation of pallet spaces is even faster. In addition, you benefit on::

  • Delayed payment date, no need to contact the accountancy or to have payment cards by each forwarder
  • Expense control thanks to the Expense Monitoring panel and the possibility of setting monthly limits for reservations made by your employees
  • Access to all reservations made by employees in one place.

Are you interested? Please go to the >> form << to join’s corporate clients.


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